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As everyone of us are aware of the fact that hundreds and thousands of road traffic fatalities taking place every day across the globe and more importantly these accidents are getting increased day by day and most of these take place in highly industrialized countries, it is not a startling fact that road traffic accident claims occupy the major role amongst the famous claims. The road accidents are getting increased drastically and increase in number of vehicles which is leading to the traffic problems and accidents.


Though the above said reason is just one of the factors, various other factors lead to road accidents such as:


Tiredness of the driver

Distraction by passengers in the car or by other passengers

Talking over the phone is also the most worrying factor.

Rash Driving

Ignoring traffic signals


Drink and drive


Unfortunately, most people do not even realize their rights against the road traffic accident claims, not to forget that you have complete right to get the road traffic accident claim if injured at no fault of yours.


You are eligible for availing road traffic accident claim if you are:


Car driver



Pedal cyclist



All the above, can claim under the terms and conditions that the accident should not have been taken place by the fault of the injured.


Unfortunately, you end up meeting a horrific road accident at no fault of you; you are entitled for the personal injury compensation claim.


If you are a passenger in a bus, car which is involved in a collision, your personal injury compensation would be made against the insurance company of the person who caused the accident.


If you are a cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian or a driver, your personal injury claim would be made against the insurance company of the driver of the vehicle that collided with you.

After succumbed to injuries, one can directly apply for road traffic accident claim against the driver of the vehicle that leads to the accident, but for claiming the road traffic accident claim, you should make sure that there is no fault of yours in the scenario.


The best possible way to get road traffic accident claims is to approach the most reliable and professional solicitor and should check with his track-record and experience in availing successful road traffic accident claims. It is also better to search for solicitors who do not charge if the road traffic accident claims does not turn in favor of the injured.

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