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Online doctors are a convenient way to have health advice

by mario26

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In today’s rapidly growing world consumed by deadlines and commitments, people are increasingly turning to the World Wide Web to simplify their lives. With long GP waiting times, one way in which users are simplifying their life is to look online for health advice and support. With a wealth of websites and forums at their disposal, the internet offers its users vast amounts of information. Therein lies its greatest weakness: information overload. Unfortunately, said information is not tailored to the user who is left trying to filter out what is and what isn’t relevant to their unique problem. So where do people go for personalized, relevant and professional information?

Understandably, users look for simple, intuitive websites offering reliable and accurate information that is personally tailored to their ailment - just like at the GP surgery - at the touch of a button.

The solution is to consult with online doctors. There are a few websites available on the internet that claim to provide patients with an online consultation with a doctor. Unfortunately, most of these websites force users to complete standardized forms with the sole aim to sell pharmaceutical drugs, and not with the aim of curing the patient or providing any useful information or advice. The number of websites that truly allow the patient to ask a question and receive a truly tailored answer written by a professional are scarce. Websites claiming to use professionals often clarify in their terms and conditions that a “professional” is not necessarily a fully licensed medical doctor. Those which offer real medical doctors primarily offer an email or telephone service however there is one online doctor service that stands head and shoulders above the rest by offering email, audio and video consultations live from the comfort of your home or work place: Medicalium. And their email service is available 24 hours a day so you can just chat to a doctor online at a date a time that suits you.

Making the leap to online medical advice offers patients the ability to receive useful health information which is specially tailored and relevant without leaving their home or workplace or booking an appointment and waiting at the doctor’s surgery for what can sometimes feel like an eternity.

If you want to know more about online doctors and their services, a quick web search will show you how easy it is to receive sound medical advice when you need it most.

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