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Soccer For Children

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Australia is proudly a great sporting nation. Weekends open flood gates to a myriad of sporting opportunities for young and old, whether it be playing team or individual sports, or watching amateur or professional level games. Sport provides a multitude of health benefits too. Children who are active and regularly participate in team sports are more likely to become physically active citizens as adults. Sport improves personal fitness, builds social skills and develops good self-image and above all, provides fun and excitement for all ages. With such a heavy emphasis on sport, it is no wonder parents actively seek organised sporting experiences for kids. Soccer For Children provides the perfect answer.

 Soccer is growing in popularity in Australia and is a first class choice for a team sport experience for any child. Grasshopper Soccer is a community-based organisation that provides children aged 2-12 a comprehensive soccer experience. Soccer coaching kids aims to teach and develop soccer skills among children in a safe environment. Soccer is a low contact sport, so children are able to focus on technical skills and fitness without the concerns of injury other team sports may present. Founded in 1990, Soccer For Children have had two decades of trusted experience and can be found all over the country.

 The programs on offer are professionally designed for children aged 2-12 years. Each program begins with core skills that children are then able to progressively building upon and perfect as they become more experienced. Grasshopper Soccer knows that the main reason children participate in sport is to have fun. By focusing more on skills development and the enjoyment of the game, children have fun and learn the values of good sportsmanship and teamwork. Grasshopper Soccer strives to be inclusive. There are no try-outs and wherever possible, each child receives equal playing time on the field.

 Grasshopper Soccer runs their programs all year, both on weekdays and weekends. They offer programs during the school term and have holiday programs. Safety is of the upmost importance and background checks and pre-screening applies to each and every coach involved in the soccer coaching kids program and ‘safe play’ is always enforced by trained officials. Grasshopper Soccer strongly encourages parents to be actively involved in their programs too!

 Soccer for Children is a successful and professional soccer coaching kids program that will provide genuine and trustworthy experience.


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