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Problems Prevented by Document Shredding

by rubybadcoe

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Did you know that once you leave your trash outside it’s considered public property? Hence, it’s not illegal for someone to rummage through your garbage bags or go “dumpster diving” in your establishment’s trash bins. For this reason, working with a reliable Los Angeles shreddingcompany to properly manage and dispose of your company’s sensitive documents is not only required by law, but necessary to keep away the following problems:

Violation of Client Confidentiality

You’ll have to safeguard your client’s privacy and maintain their trust if you own an organization that handles confidential client information. Shred outdated files. Don’t leave them lying around in bins for the perusal of opportunistic criminals. Take note that breach of client confidentially, especially in large organizations, can lead to a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Corporate Espionage

Trade secrets are meant to be kept out of the eyes of your competitors. Whether it’s your products’ special ingredients or your effective business process, you’ll have to protect vital information by destroying records of your transactions. Don’t risk the chance of inadvertently allowing spying eyes with evil intentions, such as blackmail and industrial espionage, to read through classified information about your company.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious crime that takes many forms, from the relatively petty to the very serious. To avoid being victimized, always shred documents that contain personal data such as social security numbers and home addresses. Keep in mind that it only takes one or two bits of information to steal your identity.

Legal Issues

In response to the rising rate of identity theft cases, congress has passed three laws that obligated business organizations to completely destroy documents before disposal. This is why it’s ideal that you find one of the best Los Angeles shredding companies in your area. Such service providers are well aware of the standards and protocol stipulated by law regarding proper document shredding and disposal.

Apart from installing alarms and safety devices to ensure the security of your business, paper records shredding is necessary to avoid serious issues like the ones stated above. You wouldn’t want to spend most of your profits paying off lawyers and upset clients. If you want to read more on the importance of document shredding, you can visit

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