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Celebrity Press Release Translations

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Celebrity press release translations are numerous. There can be Hollywood stars that speak both Spanish and English. Or learning English while coming to the US for example to star in a movie, TV show, or Broadway play. The main point is, in the US and UK, stars are the talk of the nation. From reality TV, singers, movie stars, and internet stars. 

When an agent for the star releases a statement about them, this is a press release. The translation from the agent's office is crucial. The reason? The stars reputation is on the line. If they tell their agent in trust something, it has to stay trusted. The story of what happened has to be told correctly. So, it is also the agent's reputation on the line also. 

That being said, usually a interpreter is standing by if its a live conference. A person that is hearing impaired for example has to believe what the sign language is telling them. A translator has to translate correctly. For example Salma Hayek and Antonia Banderas have a huge Mexican following. So, there is a lot of Spanish translation for these stars. Even their own movies are translated into Spanish immediately as the stars are so huge.

The other point is unofficial press releases from resources that are popular. This is where a lot of us will see tabloid papers saying this and that and their interpretations. It doesn't mean they are true at all. A great example is speculation on what Katie really did to Tom Cruise and why? There are some accurate details out there but its weeding through the information given. 

The same goes with our two love birds from Twilight. What Kristen just did to Robert. The last movie is coming out and is expected to be a huge blockbuster hit. But did she just screw up everything for everyone? As the movie comes out in November, the dust just might settle down enough for everyone to just go and enjoy the movie. Importantly, these movies were hits in many languages and any press releases need to be accurate in all languages. What is the point of having carefully worded press release translated poorly? 

When one of those tabloids or magazines hits the wrong nerve, they have to pay thousands of dollars in damages for translating something wrong. Meaning the translation they released to the press was damaging to the star's reputation and their family.

Listening to the star's agent will also be the most accurate press release information. The translations and interpretations will be correct. All of us will be updated on any new projects the stars are working on, divorces and babies, new albums and movies and so much more.

Currently, the hottest topic in the world is the UK and the Summer Olympics. There are so many gold medals flying around. But, making sure we are all getting our press release information correctly translated into our language instantly is truly amazing in today's times. 

Besides the Olympics, most of us are on baby watch in London. That is Kate and William of course. The Queen herself issued a press release just a while back stating that if they have a daughter, it will become law that she will become queen of England. That was such a huge piece of news in today's modern times.

Press releases are so numerous with celebrity chefs, dating shows, travelling around the world, music shows, and of course the internet has created many celebrities also. One mistake in a translation can be devastating. A great example is when Brittany Spears at the beginning of her career was reportedly killed in a car accident. That was a false statement that affected the entire world. Everyone was mourning her loss and quickly her agent released a real press release saying this person reported something false. It greatly hurt the star herself because her family heard it over the airways live.

Always watching what is said is critical in a press release and translating it at the same time. It can cause a huge chain reaction and sometimes inappropriate mistakes. Remember, ‘mud sticks’ so make sure your translation creates clarity and not confusion.


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