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Decorative Candles 411: The Different Kinds and Functions

by guymailloux

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The most fulfilling part of possessing a home is being able to jazz it up, consequently marking your home with your own style. Basic home decorations that embellish and add pizzazz to a rather modest home are: fresh floral centerpieces, paintings, window and window treatments and furniture to name a few. But these are big and heavy pieces. Thankfully, there's a small item which can add much more than just flair to your home: aromatic decorative candles.

Candles can be found in various types, shapes, scents, and colors which make them flexible accents for home use. What's amazing about aromatic candles is that their look surpasses your sense of sight, thanks to their many fragrances. Listed below are the various kinds of candles and their advised use.

Pillar Candles

Such candles are self-standing which removes using candle holders. The most common shape they come in is cylindrical; nevertheless, they are also made as hexagonal, square, and round, etc. If the wick is positioned the right way, they burn evenly and drip less wax. These could be used in any part of the home to produce a refreshing, relaxing or romantic ambiance.

Taper Candles

Also called dinner candles, these have a slim form, generally 3/4 to an inch thick and anywhere from 6 to 18 inches long. As the alias implies, these candles are often made use of when dining, and are held upright by a candle holder. These present great lighting and burns slowly which makes them appropriate for long hearty meals and lively table discussions. Although they are matched best in the dining area, they can also work as a sconce.

Jar Candles

As the name implies, these candles are put into heat resistant containers—glass, ceramic or metal—and can be found in a selection of colorful designs and scents. These make them great accent pieces to any room, not to mention interesting ones due to their fragrances. They can be found in regular scents including hazelnut, vanilla, and in more creative ones such as lemon bar, cinnamon bun, and peach cobbler sweets. There are even special jar candles that make wood crackling sounds when lit.

The wonderful colors, shapes and wonderful scents render decorative candles a great house embellishment. There are online stores that provide a comprehensive range of all types of candles and even supply jar candles at wholesale discounts when you purchase in bulk. To learn about other candle kinds, see:

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