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Vintage Pens

by AdrieneMay

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Vintage fountain pens come with a sense of fascination because although they have been around for quite some time, they have a pristine finish and of course beautiful stubby fine points whose strokes on paper leave a great impression. Although most of the writing that was initially done using vintage pens has been taken over by the introduction of computers and other electronic gadgets, the vintage pen still has something to offer for those people who can not get their hands off them. Ironically, while some people may want to dismiss vintage pens as any other fountain pen or ink pen vintage pens are more than a writing instrument. In fact vintage pens are categorized under collectibles and antique pens that are treasured so much. One of the unique facts about a vintage pen is that not only is it an old pen but is also categorized under collectible pens. As such, you will not find these pen sets at your ordinary pen shop. There are a number of select shops that practice fountain pens for sale. If you are seeking an antique fountain pen you will do well to begin your search at the online stores that offer a variety of restored fountain pens. is one such site where you are sure to find a restored reservoir pen of your choice. Most of the pens that are stocked here are not only collected from different parts of the world but also unique and beautiful. Some of the restored fountain pen brands that you will find on this online store include Parker, Waterman, Conway, Wahl Eversharp and Mabie Todd. The Parker pen company incorporated technology, aesthetics and high standards of craftsmanship in making the Parker fountain Pen. In fact, in the early 1900s, the Parker Stylograph was considered to the leading writing instrument. To date, the Parker Duofold pen remains to be one of the most enduring and recognizable pens. The Parker 51 pen that was released in the 51st year since the company's inception did also not find any significant competitor at the time. It was later voted the fourth best industrial design for the 20th century. Besides the two models, there are other models of the Parker pen that you can choose from. The other vintage pen model that you will find at Past is Waterman, from the Waterman pen company. The introduction of this pen injected a sense of novelty to the design earning it the Medal of Excellence at the World exposition in Paris in 1900. The Waterman pen was quite desirable and also has a variety of designs from which you can choose. The Sheaffer pen is also another great model that you can find at Past online store. It is important to note that it is a Sheaffer that signed the paper that brought the United Nations into being by the then US secretary of state James F. Brynes. The other varieties that you will also find at Paste include the Conway Stewart pen that was produced to be a functional writing instrument that is also elegant and timelessly beautiful, the Wahl Eversharp pen that comes in numerous outstanding designs and the Swan Mabie Todd pen whose first part 'swan' became another name for pen. The Swan fountain pen continues to be one of the much sought after by collectors. In summary, vintage fountain pens are more than a writing instrument owing to their elegance that also makes them worthwhile collectibles.


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