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The benefits of a good set of Horse Clippers

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If you decide to clip your horse yourself then take some time before you buy a set of Horse clippers There's a great selection of product on the market and many are designed for specific tasks. If you have to clip lots of horses then you need to take this into consideration before buying. Perhaps you have a heavy horse and so you might before a lightweight horse clipper to prevent your arm from aching as you get to work.

Make sure you know the texture of your horses coat so that you select the blade and clipper speed that will be able to do the job effectively. If your horse is nervous then select a brand of horse clipper which is quieter and will help them be less jumpy.

Keeping their coat in good condition is an essential part of looking after your horse properly. Choosing horse clippers which are easy to use and maintain means you are more likely to stick to a routine of grooming and clipping your horse. Before you clip your horse always check the equipment first. Many horses don't enjoy the experience so doing the preparation without them around will make the whole task less stressful for you and your horse.

There are horse clippers designed to help trim different breeds so make sure you've checked the clippers you've chosen are appropriate for your horses coat, breed and size. Look at the potential maintenance of your clippers and be realistic - don't buy a heavy duty professional pair of clippers if you need something basic.

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