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Web Design - The Web Has Changed

by kunwarpal

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Technology has taken a big leap. The Internet has much developed in its journey of two decades. It has changed from a small enterprise to a giant industry. This has been possible because Internet has expanded in its reach. It is now easily available and accessible. This change has also affected the web and its applications. It has completely changed a user’s web experience.

Today is the Web 2.0 era - the new generation of web design. Computer programmers and specialists have invented new tools and practices that have changed the look and feel of the web. New technologies have sprung up in the recent years. Some of them are HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET 4, jQuery, Dojo, etc. These new technologies are fun to learn and employ.

The web has taken a new turn with the arrival of HTML5. It is the new extension to the old and simple HTML 4.01. It has changed the way people looked at web design. HTML5 with CSS3 and other new technologies has replaced Flash and other cumbersome technologies. It is lightweight and easy to learn. It has given up extra attributes and declarations. Now it also supports data manipulation and storage features.

CSS3 is the new edition of the Cascading Style Sheets standard specifications. It is now loaded with animation support. It also sports a new level of element styling and handling features. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has added new attributes and has removed the less used ones in CSS.

JavaScript has always been the favorite of web designers. The basics were simple and easy to learn but advanced programming was difficult. A person who opted to learn the complex programming techniques needed a professional help. Probably this is why programmers have developed JavaScript library tools like jQuery, Dojo, MOOTools, Prototype JS, Mochi, etc. These are simple means of JavaScript application in to web sites. Moreover, they are easy to learn and handle. They are portable as well as reliable.

The giant Microsoft is a leader in the software market. It also makes a huge presence in the web industry. Microsoft features ASP.NET, which is a web design technology based on its renowned dot Net Framework. The recent version ASP.NET 4.5 is a powerful framework that can help in making robust web applications. Microsoft claims that it is stronger and more consistent than HTML, DHTML, PHP, etc. However, most of the developers tend to ignore it because it is vast and difficult to learn.

Web designing has turned out to be a promising industry. Websites have become more user-friendly with the employment of web 2.0 applications. Social media hubs like Facebook, Twitter, etc and blogs are playing a major role in the development of this industry. Information and knowledge is now easily available as millions of people share on social media websites. For More Detail Visit :

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