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What You Need To Know About Payday Loans

by anonymous

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Making ends meet nowadays is like making North and South Pole convene.  The economic difficulties have made consumers all over the world to look for alternatives in doing so. One of the emerging players in the lending industry is the providers of payday loan. These short term loans have been the preferred choice since 2009 because:


  • There is no credit check.
  • There is no application fee.
  • There is very short waiting time for approval.
  • The money is wired to your account.


Yes it sounds too good to be true but they really exist. First a borrower writes a personal post-dated check addressed to the lender for the amount of the loan he wants to apply for. If approved, the lender would then give the cash or wire the cash, whichever is the preferred method, less than the fee. For example, if you applied for £300 loan, then they will give you £245 in cash or depending on the payday loan provider you chose.  The amount will usually be due on your next payday or around 14 days after the loan was approved.  As you can see from the process, it is very fast. It’s perfect for those who doesn’t have the luxury of time to wait for traditional lending approval such as those offered by banks. They are fast and convenient that you can even use them to buy the perfect wedding gown you can normally afford but is on sale for the day. Their approval of your loan is not based on how heart-breaking or dramatic your reason is for applying. There are no questions asked. You just have to meet their requirements and then no other questions asked. Very speedy and convenient indeed, and the paper works are very minimal they can be considered tree lovers. They transfer the loaned amount almost in an instant. So if you intend to keep this short term option for the long run, you have to be sure to pay them religiously so that you won’t accrue big interest rates.


For the obvious reasons stated above, UK payday loans have been the preferred method for a lot of consumers. They are willing to pay a slightly higher rate for convenience as opposed to the time-consuming process of banks. This higher rate has even been coined as a luxury tax by other financial experts. So if you are ready to apply, you can check a lot of lenders one of them is Dosh Express.

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