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Leather Bracelets Are Becoming a Rage Today, Choose Carefull

by bodytouch

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Leather bracelets came in fashion in the early 80’s when punk rock artists brought this to the fashion scenario. Soon everyone started copying this trend and leather bracelets became a rage. The fashion trend died down in the 90s but is now back again. Leather bracelets have become a rage today with unlimited designs available. There have always been a few accessories that men can choose from but leather bracelets seem to have offered men with unlimited designer options to throng their wardrobe with designer mens bracelets.

While mens bracelets made from precious metals are also popular, nothing beats the popularity of leather bracelets. A lot of synthetic leather is coming to the market and men’s bracelets made from this leather come out really cheap. These leather bracelets do not have the same grace as genuine leather but can be used to wear a few times and make a fashion statement. Leather bracelets particularly appeal the youth who sometimes even wear more than one bracelet at a time.

Leather cuff bracelets are the most popular accessory today. A wide leather band gives a more masculine look while a narrow band has a broader appeal. Men’ bracelets with Eyelets and Buckles add a touch of devilry to the wardrobe. Designers have also started focusing on leather bracelets because of their growing popularity. Textures on the band like contrasting stitching, engraved names and weaving are becoming a rage. Many baseball fans can also be seen wearing men’s bracelets made out of autographed baseballs.

Round leather cords have also become a rage. While wide leather bracelets were in fashion in the 80s, the 21st century also witnesses their narrow versions coming to fashion. Another fashion trend is the woven mens bracelets with about 3 to 5 narrow straps and a sterling clasp in various shapes. Leather bracelets are a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

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