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Improve Your Vision With Pinhole Glasses

by anonymous

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Eye problems are a general issue which affects millions of people. These problems can range from slight blurriness to near blindness. Most of us believe that there can be nothing done for these problems, but some have found methods to strengthen their eye muscles.


Generally, when the problem arises in your eyes, your doctor prescribes you some eye glasses. As soon as you start putting them on your eyes, you lose the capacity of eye muscles to focus to their fullest. Gradually, the ciliary eye muscles weaken day by day, and you require stronger and stronger eyeglasses.


Nevertheless, now, you can repair your eye muscles by use of pinhole glasses. This is a modern and affordable alternative to your prescribed eye glasses.  One can use these pinhole glasses as a replacement of sunglasses, computer glasses, Myopia prevention glasses, for cataracts or any sort of corneal damage.


Principle behind pinhole glasses-


These glasses consist of lightweight perforated plastic lenses, which are fixed to a metal or some plastic frame.  The pinholes in the lenses are designed with laser technology allowing direct and coherent light rays through your eyes.


Advantages of pinhole glasses


  • Vision clarity and resolution are improved- those who are suffering from refractive eye disorders will improve clarity and resolution in their vision power.  These glasses do not make wishy-washy promises. There is guaranteed improvement of your vision.
  • The brightness of the object are increased- in low-light situations, generally you have to put a strain on your eyes. With these specially designed glasses, you can view objects with better brightness.
  • Better vision for all distances- generally it has been observed that bifocal and tri-focal glasses are designed to improve vision at fixed distances. With these holed glasses, you can clear your vision in short, medium and long distances. Additionally, these lenses have proved to be less stressful as compared to other sort of glasses.
  • One pair, many situations- no matter, you are reading a book, watching TV, working on computer, a single type and a pair of pinhole lenses can work for you.
  • Light weight- all pinhole glasses are prepared keeping in mind the modern needs and thus they are quite light in weight like traditional spectacles.
  • Durable- the best part is there is no fear of scratches and marks on the lens of these glasses. No defect will impair the vision like the traditional numbered glasses do.
  • Fascinating designs-catering to the modern choices, there are various attractive and stylish designs available these days.
  • Affordable- you will be required to pay approximately $15-$20 for one glass, which will save your eyesight as well as thousands of dollars otherwise spent on eyeglasses.


This idea of pinhole glasses is a new and unique one. Before the invention of these glasses, nobody has ever thought that these types of products could actually exist. However, these days, markets are flooded with unexpected things all focused on improving the lifestyle. Some products are shuzi Jewelery which creates a positive environment around you, subliminal messages in music form which can relive your tension and stress giving you a peaceful life, meditation benches and zabutons to enhance your meditation and yoga experience.


The only thing is that these things are still in reach of very few people. However, their benefits are immense. You can only know this, once you will use these products.

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