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How Foss NIR Technology Benefits

by georgemelcher

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Spectrum comes from the Latin word "ere" which means "to look." Today, a spectrum is defined as a series of colors together with extensions at the boundaries which aren't visible to the naked eye but can be studied by heat effects and photography. This study of light is referred to as spectroscopy, and under this, the properties of an object can be determined by the light of its colors which reflect its energy states.

There are numerous types of spectroscopy, and one of the most common classifications is the x-ray spectroscopy where x-rays break through a substance, emitting radiation to determine the elements and their quantities. Another type is the near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy where the evaluation tool is the electromagnetic spectrum. The reliable Foss NIR analyzers are currently used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries and provide accurate and precise results.

In the chemicals industry, NIR is used to monitor reactions and determine end points in organic chemistry processes. A substance's viscosity can be measured by NIR as well as other applications that were traditionally measured through physical property testing. A common application of NIR is moisture determination because it is highly sensitive to the absorbance of O-H.

In the pharmaceuticals industry, NIR methods are used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals products--from identification of raw materials to the measurement of the uniformity of the content in a dosage. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is inspected using NIR technology. Other uses of NIR in pharmaceutical applications are granulation, uniformity of blend, drying and coating and analysis of particle size.

Manufacturers of polymers and plastics also use NIR technology to analyze raw material purity and moisture content. Polymers and plastics that contain UV inhibitors, a quality that prevents to keep sunlight exposure in check, are measured using NIR, too. Because NIR is non-destructive and requires no preparation of sample before analysis, all polymer and plastic elements can be measured fast whether in-line or at-line for their quantitative and qualitative parameters.

NIR analysis is also used in the tobacco industry for menthol and nicotine content analysis. In the wood product industry, it is used to analyze moisture and adhesive content. The multi-functional dispersive NIR technology is best used when the same products are measured on a standard basis. For more information, visit

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