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Rumalaya Forte from Himalaya – An Arthritis Remedy

by KwalityHerbs

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Arthritis is nothing but joint disorder and causes pain, inflammation, stiffness, immobility, and swelling in the joints. There are about more than 100 forms of arthritis and affects to young, old people and also children too and affect many parts of the body. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, these two are the most common forms of arthritis. The prevalence of arthritis upsurges with age.

The most common forms of arthritis are:

- Osteoarthritis
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Gout
- Lupus
- Juvenile Arthritis
- Ankylosing Spondylitis
- Scleroderma

In USA, arthritis is one of the major causes of disability. According to the NHIS (National Health Interview Survey) report based on 2009, around 21 million adults are suffering from arthritis. The expert stated the approximate estimation of around 67 million adults will have arthritis by the year 2030.

The symptoms of arthritis often cause a big impact on the daily routine of people and many times it becomes very difficult to live with it. Arthritis is wholesomely incurable to date however it can be homogenously manageable to some extent with quality medication. The cons to this is however the effect to a patient’s life expectancy which also gratitude a varying degree of pain & sometimes discomfort.

The CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) Arthritis Program is spontaneously working to improve life of arthritis and other forms of arthritis sufferers. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), natural therapies, remedies or supplements often show very positive results in the treatment of arthritis and their associated symptoms.

‘Rumalaya Forte’ from Himalaya Herbals is a potent ayurvedic herbal formulation with double advantage of Boswellia and Guggul herbs. There two herb extracts are well-known for their proven results to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. These two herbs have remarkable anti-inflammatory action as well as anti-arthritic activity, with no significant side effects. In addition to these herbs, Rumalaya forte also contains Guduchi which is recognized for its immune-modulatory activity. However, Alpinia galanga, Licorice and Tribulus terrestris herbs in Rumalaya forte used to maintain flexibility in bones and supports to connective tissues.

Benefits of Rumalaya forte from Himalaya Herbals

The efficacies of Rumalaya Forte with respects to bone and joint health have been published in many medical journals. Several clinical studies, trials and research have been conducted and successfully resulted showing positive effects.

- Rumalaya Forte herbal tablets maintains bone health, mobility in joints and muscles
- It gives relief from everyday pain and stiffness
- Provides faster relief from painful inflammatory conditions
- Effectively deals with sprains and strains related to daily physical activity
- Helps to maintain bone cartilage and connective tissue healthy
- Improves joint movement freely and smoothly without much pain

Himalaya Rumalaya Forte is beneficial in the treatment of degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis and in rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical trials showed very notable results in cervical and lumbar spondylitis and also useful in traumatic inflammatory conditions like bursitis, fibrositis, capsulitis, synovitis, tenosynovitis, myositis and sciatica. This powerful herbal formulation benefits to Arthralgia, Gout, and Frozen shoulder sufferers.

Rumalaya forte is indigenous formulation from the famous Himalaya Herbals brand which is authorized by over 250,000 doctors worldwide and satisfied customers over 60 countries. It is available in tablet form with no major side effects. Take Rumalaya forte tablets along with Rumalaya Gel for the better and fast results.

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