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How to resolve 'PowerPoint couldn't open the Visu

by larendaniel

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PowerPoint presentations, just like other MS Office program files, have the tendency to go corrupt in situations like unexpected system shutdown, application malfunction, power failures and others. If corruption occurs, an affected presentation might display abrupt behavior including, unformatted text, error messages, data inaccessibility etc. Since corruption leads to data loss, you must restore the lost information using a backup copy of the presentation. However, if no valid backup exists, you can very well depend on a third-party software. In today's technology-driven era, it is possible to recover damaged or corrupt presentation by using a ppt recovery application, easily available on the Internet.

Consider a situation, wherein, you have a crucial meeting lined up with a business client and your immediate boss. You have to introduce the client to your company's latest offerings. The important information is stored in a PowerPoint presentation, which has to be shared via Live Meeting Console. When you try to upload the presentation to the MS Office Live Meeting 2005 Console, you fail miserably. The PowerPoint presentation doesn't open and you receive the following error message:

"PowerPoint couldn't open the Visual Basic for Applications project in presentation <path of the presentation file>"

You were unable to upload and open the presentation in Live Meeting Console due to the following reasons:

1.If some of the files or register entries for MS Office are missing or damaged
2.If the presentation is damaged or corrupt

It has become quite essential to perform PPT recovery so that you can share the information with both your company's client and boss. Here is a list of steps to be taken:

1.The problem might be with your Office installation. You can verify this by trying to upload another presentation to the Live Meeting Console. If it doesn't get uploaded, then repair the Office installation.
2. And, if you are able to successfully upload another presentation file to the Live Meeting Console, this shows that your earlier presentation is corrupt. Now, in order to fix it immediately, you would have to download and use a third-party PowerPoint recovery software to recover powerpoint.

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