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Mathematics word has originated from a Greek word máthēma, which means knowledge, learning or study. It is the abstract of subjects, which encompasses structure, quantity, change and space. Mathematics seeks out various patterns. It also formulates new conjectures. The reality or falsity of conjecture is resolved by various mathematicians by accomplishing various mathematical proofs. Firstly, Aristotle defined mathematics as “the science of quantity”. Nowadays, mainly three kinds of definitions of mathematics are given, which are known as intuitionist, logistics and formalist.

It is relevant to acknowledge that mathematics can be subdivided into the study of arithmetic, geometry, algebra and analysis. Now-a-days, applied mathematics is brought into practice. Applied mathematics relates itself with mathematical methods, which are typically utilized in engineering, science, industry and business. Applied mathematics has important overlap with the discipline of statistics. Its theory is formulated mathematically, particularly with probability theory.

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