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The Top Three Musicals in West London

by kent

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West London is home to the West End; an area that is arguably the most attractive and exciting in the City of London. The West End is predominately associated with musicals, plays and comedy gigs. Here, I will recommend the top three musicals in West London...


1. We Will Rock You - Shown at the Dominican Theatre, this is a musical that you don’t just sit down and watch; you join in! Written by Ben Elton and using songs by infamous rock band Queen, it has a narrative that on the surface is about rebelling but if you look closer, is really about freedom of speech, freedom to express one’s self and how humanity can be it’s own worst enemy. A Queen fan will obviously love this musical but even if you take along a younger person who doesn’t know their music, the quality of performance is so outstanding and enjoyable that they will love it too. It is pretty much standard that at the end of each show the lights are put on the audience who all proceed to stand up and sing along with the fabulous cast for a few classic numbers. Queen fan or not, you cannot beat the experience of seeing ‘We Will Rock You.’ Take along a West London escort and have a fantastic experience together and lift your spirits to levels that need to be relieved!


2. Wicked - See this at the Apollo Victoria Theatre and be absolutely amazed. Men may be deterred from seeing this musical, feeling like it is a feminine tale that they will not be able to fully comprehend. However, it is beautiful regardless of your gender. It is one of few musicals that provokes emotions a lot of people will suppress. Being the outsider, being the less attractive sibling, being an outcast at is the case for many people and this musical is about someone who is targeted trying to be strong and trying to succeed with friendship being the key to her happiness. Who can argue with that? Friends are people who can lift you out of despair and as Bette Midler would say; be the wind beneath your wings. Escorts in West London are the best type of friend; boosting your confidence, raising your spirits and giving you a feeling of satisfaction and pleasurable companionship that is unbeatable.


3. Ghost - Relatively new compared to most West End productions, Ghost is a musical version of the unforgettable film starring the late Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore shown at the Piccadilly Theatre. Critics said prior to the opening night that a musical version of such a classic film would never work but how wrong they were! The special effects in this musical are astounding; there is even a moment where the main character just disappears from the centre of the stage. Regardless of whether you are sitting in the front or back row, this effect works amazingly. There is hardly a dry eye in the theatre after the performance is over as the cast completely capture the emotion of the film. The comedic value is also superb with a lot of laughs throughout the production. It is one of those rare musicals where you experience a range of emotions. West London escorts make the ultimate company to take to this musical. There are a few scenes that are unintentionally provocative which can leave members of the audience keen to get to a bedroom!


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