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Instructions to change the old sponge head with a mop refill

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Floor mops are an excellent ways of cleaning your floors without having your hands wet. There are numerous types and designs of mops available in the market these days. Some are string mops; some are sponge mops while some are microfiber sponge mops. Every type is different and is used to clean a variety of surfaces in the house. Some sponge mops come with a built-in wringer that squeezes dirty water out of the mop head. Some companies give mop refills along with the product while some don’t. They are additional mop heads or sponges, which can be easily replaced if the earlier wears off or becomes old.

Mopping floors is of our daily household chores that can result into dirt accumulating in the mop head. Over time excessive use of the same mop for different surfaces can also make it go out of action. It is very important for any user to maintain their mops and clean them after every use for durability purpose. If the mop head or the sponge becomes old it is time to replace it with another one. It is very simple to change old sponge heads with the mop refills. It is recommended to change them every month or two depending on your daily usage.

To start first unscrew the wing nuts and remove the old sponge.  Now slide the screws out from the mop’s head. Replace the new mop refill by sliding the screws into the slots on the new mop head. Align all the screws with holes on the mop head and screw the wing nuts back to secure them in place. Tighten each nut evenly by hand. Next, it is time to test the new sponge head. Try to push the mop head on the floor to verify the position of the new refill. If it works fine it means the screws are tight enough and in place. If the sponge head bends in one direction or gets stuck while using that means the screws are not tight and need to be fixed. Do it immediately as loose screws can result into loose mop head, which can leave scratches or marks on the floor while mopping.

Choose the mop depending on the type of your floor. It is advised to take care of floor mops for good durability and performance. They should be washed and dried after every use to prevent any bacteria culturing in the sponge.

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