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Several Motorized Window Treatments and Their Features

by roxietenner

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Motorized window treatments are functional and advantageous options for homes where every person is on the move, which is commonly the instance for plenty of families. Window treatments--such as a set of drapes, blinds, or shades--could be motorized and manipulated with a contraption that makes them open and close on their own. Below are a few kinds of window coverings that can be manipulated with motorized fittings.

Luminettes are sheer curtains hung from a curtain rod with simple loops. Typically made from tough synthetic textiles, luminettes are commonly paired with heavy drapes that provide optimal privacy and natural lighting. Moreover, luminettes could also be combined with fancy valances to draw attention to the windows.

Mini blinds could also be paired with heavy drapes. In an ordinary setup, drapes are tucked to the sides while the mini blinds control the amount of light that passes through the window. Most mini blinds are constructed from plastic, but there are also mini blinds made of wood. Wooden mini blinds are tough and beautiful; nevertheless, these have to be cleaned consistently to avoid pests and mold infestation.

Shades are halfway between blinds and drapes. Just like drapes, shades are produced with textile; however, these are held down with weights and do not flutter in the wind. The motorized shades Philadelphia households have are typically roller shades that are pulled up the window frame similar to a scroll. Window shades can be sorted as solar shades and roman shades.

The kinds of solar shades Philadelphia homes use are devised specifically to prevent dangerous ultraviolet radiation from entering a structure. Dark-colored solar shades shut out light, while light-colored ones allow more light to go in. In any event, solar shades inhibit damaging ultraviolet rays from penetrating the house and causing various kinds of skin damage like premature aging and skin cancer.

Concurrently, the type of Roman shades Philadelphia families use strongly resemble horizontal blinds at first glance. This is since they are separated into sections and are then folded when they are pulled up. Roman shades appear tidy and are usually created with heavy textiles. To discover more, visit

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