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Musical Creating Basics: 4 Steps to Remember

by kimmyely

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Do you dream of being amongst the likes of George Gershwin or Michael Bennett? Are you the sort of musician who wishes to witness your tales and tunes jump from your mind to the stage? Then you should think about taking up the ropes of musical theater composing. Although the creative process is different for each creator, there are some rules you can bear in mind to make the entire thing much simpler.

Write the story

Before you consider the songs, music, and choreography, you require a plot to function as the basis for all these. Examine the basics of storytelling, such as plot, characterization, and pace. Have a certain group of listeners on your mind while you are creating your musical. Review musicals from assorted categories to get an idea of what sticks, and what doesn't.

Write the songs

Now that you have your story, you can easily determine where you are going to insert the songs, the repartee, and dancing. Although a bachelor’s in music isn't needed when you're writing a tune, you should comprehend, at least, how songs are created. You need some grasp of the principles of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Listen to assorted songs from different categories, and decide what makes a tune stay in your audience's minds. If you aren't really much of a composer, have an expert composer create the music for you; even well-known authors of theater musicals hire composers to aid them.

Polish the script

This is the segment of writing musicals where you finish your script. You create the notes on the musical’s setting, the actor's motions, exactly how the scenes may be cut, et cetera. Review the script to make certain that every little thing is comprehensible. Have someone else, ideally a expert experienced in composing musicals, read through your script to critique the work and indicate anything you could have missed out on.

Have a basic performance

You did not study how to write a musical to allow that script to accumulate dust somewhere on your shelf, did you? Recruit stage friends or acquaintances to test out your musical. This way, you can detect anything you and/or your editor friend could have missed.

If you are dead-set about starting up a profession as a musical stage writer, there are institutions available to instruct you how to write musicals. For a list of landmark musicals, log into

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