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How a Blog Can Increase Your Business’ Exposure

by anonymous

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This might be something you’ve heard from Agency Entourage before but I feel that it’s always good to get back to the basics.

Blogging has great potential to bring discovery and exposure to your company. It is a crucial tactic of any online marketing campaign. It benefits website exposure and links your social media and email marketing efforts. In addition, it is an easy way to let your customers get to know you and your business.

Here are some strategies to keep in mind when writing your blog:

Get to Know Your Fans

Fans is a great word to use because your readers are truly rooting for you. They read your blog because they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. They consider you a great resource and look forward to your next posting. The beauty of blogging is your accessibility. You can easily communicate with your fans.

Establish Trust With Your Readers

Blogging is a wonderful way to show someone what you know and who you are. Your fans need not to invest anything but the time it takes to read your blog. You can let them get to know you and allow them to form their own opinions about you. There’s an easy noncommittal relationship that can eventually lead to new business. You can just say, “Hi, this is who I am” instead of ,”Hey you. Buy this.”

Google Likes Fresh Content

Google’s search engine spiders visit sites that are generating fresh, new content. Keep your blogs current and original. Also remember above all else to create content that is useful and of value to your reader.

SEO Keywords Benefit Page Ranking

Using specific keywords targeted to your type of business can greatly improve your search engine page ranking and expose new people to your blog. Be sure to place these keywords in your title and in the first few sentences of the first paragraph of your blog. It’s important to not over do it when using keywords. Don’t confuse the flow of your blog just to add keywords. You always want to produce a good read.

Drive Traffic to and from Your Social Media

Blogging works in unison with social media driving traffic back and forth from one another. For example, you can send people from your blog to your Facebook by saying, “Like us on Facebook if you enjoyed this blog.”

Blogging Begets Bloggers

Bloggers share each other’s ideas. Your blog has the chance to get linked to, tweeted about and commented on, which gives your business further exposure. With blogging, your ideas, expertise and products are much easier to find.

Keep checking back for more blogilicious tips and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see what we’re up to.

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