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Four Materials Used in Replacement Windows Worcester, MA Hom

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Do you feel drafts of cold air coming through your Worcester, MA windows during the winter and heat coming through the same during the summer? Do you increasingly fear being near your windows because they look like they’re about to fall on you any minute? Are your energy bills increasing at an alarming rate, and you can’t figure out why? You may need replacement windows, which may be made of aluminum, vinyl, wood, or composite materials like fiberglass.


Aluminum replacement windows are more common in commercial than residential buildings. This is because larger window openings in commercial buildings require more durable window materials. Aluminum is also a good conductor of temperature. For example, cold temperatures outside can easily transfer into your home through aluminum windows; the same can be said of heat.


Most Worcester homes have vinyl replacement windows. The main reason for this is that vinyl is durable and cheap at the same time, thank to vinyl’s polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ingredient. Vinyl also has good insulation properties; it can keep the heat in and cold out and vice versa. You also have a lot of options when it comes to your vinyl replacement window’s colors. With vinyl windows, you save money on the windows themselves and on electricity bills.


Like vinyl, wood is a popular material for replacement windows Worcester MA residents buy. Wooden windows give your home a natural look; however, their composition makes them more prone to rot and damage from the elements. You also need to paint these windows regularly. Thus, manufacturers typically cover wooden windows with more durable materials like vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass.


This is gaining popularity as a material for replacement windows Worcester MA. Actually, fiberglass windows are made of many materials like epoxy resins and fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass replacement windows are good alternatives to aluminum ones in buildings with larger openings.

The window’s material is only one of several considerations when you choose replacement windows for your Worcester home. You also consider how the window affects your home’s aesthetics, the size and material of your current window, the degree of installation difficulty, your budget, and more. For more information on choosing Worcester windows, read

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