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Four Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

by louiecunningham

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Making a house into a home can be quite perplexing. The renovation project you plan on doing – from the lovely greenhouse you want to install on the kitchen sink to the new roof you plan to purchase – might not come out in the wash, often resulting in long-term effects. Unfortunately, many homeowners get carried away with home renovation projects that they forget to consider a lot of things. Here are common renovation mistakes to watch out for.

Transforming the House to Something It's Not

Some homeowners get their heads way above their feet that they forget to mix and match their new additions. For instance, some install a modern steel door to a ranch house. The key to avoid committing this mistake is remembering to never ever veer from your home's architectural style. Inconsistent changes made on your home can trim down its resale value and narrow down the buyer who'd be interested in it.

Going Under the Budget

Many homeowners tend to scrimp during home renovations, often ending up 20 to 30 percent off their budget. Some even settle for using low quality products. If you insist on using cheap yet low quality products, make sure they are not used for functions you rely on heavily as they will wear out faster.

Doing the Renovation Yourself When You Shouldn't

Cape Cod home renovations are not child's play. Consider asking for help from professionals, particularly if you're remodeling for resale. Cape Cod is known for its marvelous neighborhood architecture courtesy of remodeling contractors. You can be sure your home is in good hands, so it's always a good idea to acquire the services of contractors.

Expanding Way Too Much

Increasing your home's size by at least a square foot is only a good idea if you're planning to stay put for a long time. Holly Slaughter, brand management and consumer experience expert for, says homes larger than those around it can be quite difficult to sell. Limit your standards when doing a Cape Cod house renovation project to keep from doing things that can affect your home's chances of getting sold.

Consult Cape Cod renovation contractors prior the project. They provide valuable insights and tips to keep you from committing these mistakes. Log on to for more ideas on home renovation.

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