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Patent office: A key to protect your invention

by rickpetko9179

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The most important question always comes in your mind whenever you create a new design, a new technology or a new scientific formula if it is got stolen or anybody other claims it first. Then it may come as a hardship for you. So don’t worry because here’s comes the role of Patent office . First of all before going to patent office you should know what is patent? Patent is a form of knowledgeable property that consists of set of rights granted by the government to an inventor to use it or sell it for a limited period of time.




The patent office plays a vital role in protecting and preventing forgery of a technology and design. Every country has their own patent law so it is important to see patent attorney before applying. You can obtain PCT (patent cooperation treaty) because it is used globally in 142 countries and other group categories include EPC (European patent convention) which includes most of the Europe and some of extension states. Patent office is the only thing that has the power to grant or reject your idea based on the patent application filed by you.




Now another most important thing comes before patent application is Patent searchbecause patent law tells that idea should be totally exceptional and hence it requires the worldwide search. Patent search helps you to know about the idea that are already been filed and that are going to be filed. So it gives more information and status of your idea where it stands and what uniqueness it contains and also gives you the opportunity to increase the chance for claiming your idea earlier.




After a particular search if you find your idea to be unique then you can go for Patent application . In which you have to provide details about your project or invention and most important part is that you have to be very much precise on the points you are claiming the idea to be more dominant over other patents. So, it will be the claim that will decide the patentability. It is more important that your patent application reflects the claim in a best possible way and as it is a legal and valuable document so it should be written with the help of professionals. So these are some points which should be kept in mind before filing patent.




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