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Data loss & File recovery technique

by anonymous

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Loss of valuable data is always painful and the loss has an immediate effect on personal as well as professional life. Many business houses take years to gain their old rhythm and  some never can come out of a major data loss. File recovery technology, shines as a silver line in between disaster and rehabilitation of the work flow of the organization.

In the panic moment of data loss, the only soothing fact is that the data is never permanently lost. It is there in your storage device until it is being overwritten by any new data. When we delete a file, it is deleted from the drive index, marking the old file location as free. The initial letters of the filename is being replaced with some symbol to highlight the above fact that this has been deleted and its location is free.

With powerful scanning algorithms, the file recovery software fetches the storage information about the lost files and locates them in the media. Then, the file recovery techniques incorporated with recovery scripts, internally reverse the process of deletion by changing the drive index and file details.

Instances that may lead to file loss:

The system is not booting or showing the blue screen of death.
Files are lost due to hard drive/partition formatting.
File system is corrupted.
Operating system is malfunctioning.
Files are accidentally/intentionally deleted.
Files are corrupted/deleted due to Virus or malware infection.

All the above instances directly or indirectly lead to the loss or inaccessibility of your valuable files. The good news is that through advanced file recovery software, all the lost, deleted or corrupted files can be recovered back. However, as we have discussed earlier, you need to be careful in between the data loss instance and recovery. Use of data de-fragmentation, scan disk or any other operation may overwrite the data leading to permanent loss.

Hence, the sooner you use any good file recovery software to recover your lost files, the more is the chance to get them back.

File recovery
softwares are easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge on the same. Even, these softwares come with detailed guideline for each step you are to perform, leaving no room for committing any mistake.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is one of the best known risk free file recovery utility. It supports 185 file types and successfully recovers deleted, lost or formatted data from Windows 7.0, Vista, XP, 2000 and 2003.

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