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How To Unfriend irritating People on Facebook

by maddyacca

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Do you see those friends sprawled all over your news feed who you haven’t talked to in ages and never want to either? Bet you can’t unfriend them because it seems too offensive for them on your behalf. Well, you don’t need to live with this silent suffering. There is a way out for you, yes, you read it right. You can unfriend them from Facebook and it won’t be the usual unfriending ceremony you have been avoiding!



  1. Keep that person and the updates of that person from invading your newsfeed. It was always under your nose! Just click “x” or the little “v” in front of the update and select “Unsubscribe”. You are done with the job already! 
  2. In some cases, hiding from such a person is equally important especially when that friend has an annoying habit of commenting at everything you post and that usually lands you in discomfort. You can’t become invisible in reality no matter how much you want it but you surely can on Facebook. You just need to do some changes with your privacy settings and you can keep that friend from seeing certain parts of your profile. Just two things to do:

Go to your privacy page and click “Customize Settings”.  You will see all the things you can change your settings for. For each of it, click “Customize” from the menu.

In the space provided under “Hide this from”, type the name of that friend and hit Save Setting.

Note that:

Though your friend would not be informed of these settings but they still might find out. How? If you have mutual friends and they comment on your photo, that photo will appear on your mutual friends’ wall but when this friend tries to access that photo then they will be told that they can’t view it. Here, they might wonder why.

If they are being accessibly mean or cause of hurt, then just unfriend them.

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