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Difference and Diversity in the Call Center Industry

by soniaroody

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Call centers have been the solution to unemployment in some countries. A call center is a place where people work for companies by taking in their customers’ calls and standing in for their client-company by providing solutions to problems that callers might have. Call center agents are recruits from varied professional settings and educational backgrounds.

A call center is staffed by call center agents who field incoming calls, and others who make outgoing calls for telemarketing or product promotion services. The staff is manned by an operations manager who handles technical matters and serves as a liaison to team managers and the center manager. The center manager, in turn, manages the over-all operations and budget of the office.

On the floor, however, is where the action is. It is where call center agents and their team managers handle the calls. The team manager oversees and reviews his agents’ performance and make sure an agent meets expected targets. Some centers hire coaches to provide help, training, and feedback to get agents perform more productively.

In call centers the typical agent is usually assigned to a specific team or a specific account. Coaches then train them on how to approach and manage the account from its different aspects, and only then will the agent be allowed to hit the call center floor. The skill for call center agents goes far beyond operating a switchboard. Presence of mind from confidence in the use of the English language is vital, and so is the ability to negotiate with difficult customers in order to reach a solution satisfactory to both client and customer.

Agents can either be outbound call center agents or inbound call center agents. Outbound call center agents do up-selling or market surveys in call centers. These agents often end up with more irate customers than the ones who do inbound calls. The inbound call center agents are those who take calls and provide resolution to a customer’s queries about a certain product or service.

Working in call centers can be rewarding; call centers often pay out comparably more than most jobs of a similar level. They offer good medical plans, as well. The boom in call centers has generated business for support industries such as in education, food and retail, transportation and real estate. It’s a winning situation for both business and workers, creating new economic zones both for cost-cutting industries and the countries into which these outsourced jobs were brought and set up. For more information, please visit or

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