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1, 2, 3: Water Damage and its Several Types

by soledadfeigenbaum

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One of the things that the entire world cannot make it through without is water, because it sustains everything from the smallest plant to the biggest creature. On the other hand, this element has a nasty side; its power can ruin almost anything that gets in its way. What can you do when water out of the blue becomes a big bad villain?

You’re most likely informed about how terrible it was for New Orleans when Katrina hit the place in 2005. From the flood on it's own, more than a thousand people were killed; and some of what used to be lively suburbs are no more. Yet apart from flooding, there are other ways by which water can turn life-threatening. If you assumed that a dangerous flood is all you needed to be afraid of, then you’re wrong.

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) named three types of water that could cause damage. According to the IICRC S500, the standard guide for water damage, the class of water damage could be recognized by the way the water appears. It’s vital to pay attention to these since floodwater is a suitable place for bacteria to survive.

Category 1 Water

Also known as Clean Water, Category 1 can take place if you overlook to switch off the tap in the bathtub, resulting in the overflow of the water. The IICRC claims there is no absolute danger in Category 1, as it’s just an issue of water misuse. You don't have to be scared so long as the flooding is secured and you still notice your feet at the bottom of the water.

Category 2 Water

Then again, the IICRC suggests that even a Category 1 can develop into a Category 2 if not resolved as quickly as possible. Given adequate time, Category 2, also named Grey Water, may hold some degree of microbes and other nasty matter in the mix. Initiatives to perform Palm Beach water damage repair, at this time, must be handled by the pros. In the course of a flood, Category 2 is the more prevalent situation.

Category 3 Water

The IICRC states that Category 2 may escalate to Category 3, or Black Water, if it’s not dealt with for over 3 days. At this stage, the bacteria in the water have thrived to the level that ingesting it means deadly results. When you see the water becoming black, it’s time to contact the pros to facilitate a Palm Beach water damage repair.

To get additional info concerning the categories of water damage, you could take a look at the official website of the IICRC at To get suggestions on flood damage Palm Beach residents might need to be aware of, see

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