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Some horrible web design mistakes

by suvandu1

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Websites are important elements. Without an effective website you will not be able to gain the desired exposure. Your website is your sole medium which will help you reach you the global market and draw the attention of the potential clients. However, you should be careful when selecting a company to design your website. There are some fatal mistakes which can repel the readers from your website. A competent Web Design Company will not make such mistakes.


The mistakes

What are the mistakes which can ruin your website totally? You must educate yourself and learn about the mistakes so that you get to avoid them. Try to hire a company which has experience in designing websites. Otherwise, you will not be able to derive maximum benefits.


Poorly written content

Search engine does not approve of misspelling or grammatical errors. This type of content ruins the effectiveness of the website. For proper content and effective website you can get in touch with competent companies like SSCS World.


Stay away from PDF files

Readers do not like to encounter PDF files. They consider it wastage of time. If the PDF file takes a long time to download the readers will turn away to another website.


Puzzling the readers

Some websites are complicated. Readers do not get to assess the website quickly. This is another mistake which you should not commit. Readers should be able to assess the website in a couple of seconds. They do not have much time and will not spare your website their valuable time. You can have a talk with the company which provides Web Design Services. You will get to understand the right way of designing a website.


Writing a boring content

You should not write a long content without any subheading. This does not make the content look good. Readers do not like long, monotonous content. Does not matter how informative the content is, reader will still not go through it. They will turn o another website to gather information. If you want to make your website effective, you need to include subheadings. Bear in mind that most of the web readers scan the content. They do have the time to read the entire material. View the pages of to gain better in-sight.


Using colorful fonts

Colorful fonts look great but these hardly help the readers’ eyes. You should try to make the readers as comfortable as you can. The same goes for dark background. These types of designs are harmful to the eyes. Also these chase the readers away from the website. Sometimes being simple is the best way.


Banish music

Do not include music to your website. Readers do not like it when the music starts playing without their consent. They prefer to browse quietly. If you are absolutely fascinated by music, add a play button somewhere. You can seek proper guidance from the experienced companies like SSCS World.


Do not provide many versions

If you want the readers stay on your webpage, you should not confuse them by providing too many versions of the website. They will not choose one to see whether it suits them. They will go to another website. Visit  to get more information.

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