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Handy Tips When You’re Buying Used Cars in Ontario

by patrickgauer

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New cars are slowly giving ground to new players in the automobile industry—their older and used counterparts. Being fresh out of the manufacturing plant (and as yet undefiled by any owner), new cars are undoubtedly in as perfect condition as any car can be. However, the marketability of new cars is hampered by their rather high price tags.

Most people are not after the extreme end of car perks and luxury features. More likely, the average person just wants a vehicle of sound quality for the most reasonable price. That’s where used cars in Bowmanville and Pickering, Ontario outdo their newer brethren. Used cars have the advantage of costing less in insurance coverage and can be bought under more flexible loaning schemes. In addition, you can choose from a wide array of colors, brands and models, based on your preferences.

Since used cars have already been exposed to weather and have undergone extensive use from previous owners, always check the Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) because that will give you information about the problems, repairs, performance, and status of the car. The seller is required by Canada’s Ministry of Transportation to show potential buyers a car’s UVIP. Here are the most important items in the UVIP checklist that might help you pick out your most likely choices in a used car faster:

Get expert opinion as much as possible

When inspecting used cars Bowmanville dealers have in their garage, it is best to do so in daylight. Bring along a trusted friend with a background in automotive technology, or if you don’t have one, take the vehicle to your mechanic or to a diagnostic centre for a check-up before buying.

Test drive.

Test driving used cars Bowmanville, will help evaluate the steering, brakes, shock absorbers and front-end alignment. Try driving around at 30 mph in a traffic-free area within the city. Ideally, you shouldn’t feel any vibration in the brake pedal nor hear any squealing noises. Likewise, the car shouldn’t feel like it’s being pulled to one side while driving straight ahead, nor feel very bouncy when turning at normal speeds.

While these tips come handy in smoking out defective used cars, some may still escape detection. To lessen your chances of encountering bad eggs among used cars Pickering dealers might offer you, experts recommend thoroughly checking the UVIP details to see if the Vehicle Identification Number on the car matches that on its permit. Also check if the last registered odometer reading isn’t unusually low for the car’s age, as odometer tampering is a criminal offense. A vehicle clocks in from 16,000 to 20,000 kilometers per year. Visit and for more information.

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