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Sedans vs. Hatchbacks: What Oakville Residents Should Know

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When you’re looking to buy Ford cars here in Oakville but aren’t interested in SUVs or trucks, then you’re left with two choices: sedans or hatchbacks. The sedan is a very popular body style, and it has been so for the last few decades. The hatchback, on the other hand, went away for a few years, but has been making a comeback in the automobile market.

Choosing between sedans and hatchbacks doesn’t have anything to do with performance but would instead rely on the model you’re considering, since the same model could come in either of the two body styles. What you’d need to consider are factors like length, cargo space, etc. Here are some other factors you’ll need to take into account when choosing between hatchbacks and sedans:

Cargo Space

With a hatchback, the last row of seats is integrated into the cargo space, which means that if you want to free up more space, all you need to do is fold the seats back. However, everyone that walks by your car can see everything inside, as compared to stuff in the locked trunk of a sedan.

Overall Length

If you’ve ever seen a hatchback, then you know that it abruptly ends at the back, which is more reminiscent of a van than a full-bodied sedan. This makes parking easier, especially for first-time drivers. However, if you’re more used to driving normal-length cars like sedans and SUVs, the sudden change in length might throw your parking skills off a bit.


It was mentioned that hatchbacks disappeared for some time, and they disappeared for a reason. Oakville is less than an hour from Toronto, which is why most businessmen that work in Toronto prefer to live in Oakville and just drive to work every day. Not a lot of businessmen would favor a hatchback over an executive-looking sedan offered by dealerships that carry top brands like Ford in Oakville. Hatchbacks carry the same appeal as minivans—they’re functional, sure, but usually not very sleek.


If you’re on a budget and you would like to squeeze in as much car as you can into your purchase, then a hatchback car might be for you. Dealerships that sell vehicles by Ford Oakville buyers prefer can offer you hatchbacks at lower prices than sedan versions of the same model.

If you’re after a more luxurious ride, be it a sedan or a hatchback, then you might want to consider the different cars manufactured by Lincoln Oakville residents want. Some dealerships might be able to show you the Lincoln C Hatchback, which was launched just recently. For more information, check out

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