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Dentist Explains the Sapphire Whitening System

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There are many factors that contribute to teeth becoming dull and discolored. Age, along with stain producing culprits like food, drink and tobacco, can all have negative effects on your once radiant smile. Luckily, your Troy Area Cosmetic Dentist Officeoffers several teeth whitening options to illuminate your smile once again.

One such option is the Sapphire Teeth Whitening System. This bleaching procedure is an in-office treatment which effectively lightens dull, discolored tooth enamel. This system utilizes a desensitizing agent in the whitener’s formulation; this helps minimize post-bleaching sensitivity for the patient, and our team considers that to be a huge benefit for our patients.

The Sapphire Whitening ProcessOnce lips and gums have been safely protected, treatment begins by applying a hydrogen peroxide-based gel to just the exposed teeth. The Sapphire system uses a light bleaching unit to filter out infrared emissions and ensures that treated teeth don’t become over-heated, thus keeping the patient comfortable throughout the procedure.

Routine procedure calls for two 30-minute applications of the whitener. The upper and lower teeth are treated simultaneously, making the start to finish time approximately 90 minutes

At-Home Follow UpPatients receive a Sapphire touch-up kit, complete with instructions on how it should be used. We also recommend moderate use of stain-producing foods and beverages so as to prolong the whitening effects of the Sapphire treatment.

Is Sapphire Whitening Right for You?Your overall health and well-being are important to us here at Schenectady Area Cosmetic Dentistry. To best determine if the Sapphire In-Office teeth whitening is right for you, our office will complete a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums and be sure your oral hygiene habits and lifestyle are conducive to this treatment option. Together, you and your dentist will decide on the best teeth whitening treatment option for you.

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