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Streaming Media: Eliminating Monotony in the Internet

by roseector

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When you are searching for something online, do you prefer reading a long, boring article, or do you just watch a video instead? Some people may not admit that, sometimes, reading can be quite tiresome, particularly for tutorials. Add to that the consideration that it can also be time consuming, and it follows why videos are steadily gaining popularity.


The first video web hosting site, named, was founded by Chase Norlin in 1997. But due to some financial and bandwidth issues, the website lasted only until 2001. Back then, dial-up was still widely-used, and the videos were just on a 640x480 format. Watching a video at the time, then, meant poor visual quality and excessively slow buffering.  


Today, business owners upload videos on the Internet by renting a space from a web host, which is both efficient and cost-effective. According to, an average person in the US spends 32 hours online per month. Well, that’s just the average, but if you include those who utilize the Internet for work, and the social network addicts, the Web definitely makes a vast place to market your products with less costs compared to other means of advertising.


There are two types of video streaming: live video streaming and on-demand streaming. The former lets the viewers watch videos straight in their computers, mobile phones, or any other devices in real-time. The latter stores the video on a disk which can then be played repeatedly.


It is imperative for web hosts with video hosting streaming services to have a large bandwidth for them to comfortably accommodate the size of the uploaded videos on their servers. The streaming videos from the viewer’s end, on the other hand, are generally required to have a broadband speed of at least 2.5 mbps. For those with equipments with HD capability, a speed of 10 mbps is needed.


A streaming platform is very important for a web hosting company. A good web host, therefore, should be as detail-oriented as possible in creating a player, encoding, and hosting videos, as well as in generating direct links to attract the attention of potential customers of their clients. Such are the benefits of getting streaming media hosting services. So if you need help boosting your business in a way that fits your budget, you can give streaming media a shot. For more information about the topic, you can log on to

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