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SUV Boxing Ring: 2008 Honda CR-V vs. 2008 Acura MDX

by timmyradloff

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When one car brand comes out with a brand new concept, it’s a marketing law that rivals follow suit. This is what makes the car industry as competitive as stock car racing. While an SUV is nothing new in the market, it’s still a boxing ring for car companies to outdo each other.

It’s a no-holds bar matchup between two sporty SUVs, the Honda CR-V in the blue corner and the Acura MDX in the red corner. The Honda CR-V is one of the company’s main SUVs in the market, first introduced in 1995. The Acura MDX is a midsize luxury SUV, first introduced in 2001, and is the first crossover SUV to have third-row seating. Here is a breakdown of the two SUVs and how they match up.

Engine and fuel consumption
The third generation Honda CR-V has the 2.4-L K24Z inline-four engine under the hood, part of the family of Honda’s K engines introduced in 2001. Popular for its simplicity and economy, an inline-four engine has all four cylinders arranged in a straight line. The four-wheel drive CR-V has a fuel consumption of 11.76 L/100km for city and 9.05 L/100km for highway driving.

The second generation Acura MDX has the 3.7-L 24-valve SOHC V6 VTEC for its engine. This is a single overhead camshaft engine where the camshaft is inside the cylinder heads to drive the valves more directly than pushrods, resulting in better performance. The four-wheel drive MDX has a fuel consumption of 15.68 L/100km for city and 11.76 L/100km for highway driving.

Both the Honda CR-V and Acura MDX have a five-speed automatic transmission. An automatic transmission is easier to use. You don’t have to input the gear since the onboard computer already does that for you. The fact that it’s a five-speed variant means the used Acura MDX and Honda CR-V can only go as fast as the fifth gear. Some car aficionados say fuel efficiency rises with more gears for a smoother ride.

A used Honda CRV will cost you around $15,000 to $22,000 depending on the variant. On the other hand, a used Acura MDX will cost you around $25,000 to $30,000, also depending on the variant you choose. While SUVs generally don’t come cheap, it won’t matter if you love either or both cars.

Go to the Consumer Guide Automotive website at to see and compare these two SUVs. If you want a referee for this boxing bout, head over to your local car dealer of used Acura Ottawa car buyers visit.

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