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BICC (Beijing International Chinese Courses)

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BICC offers General Chinese, Business Chinese, University Chinese, Exam Preparation and Advance Chinese language courses at each of our campuses , one in Sanlitun (Business district of Beijing) and the other one in Da tun Lu ( University district). BICC’s each Mandarin Chinese courses are designed to provide students with the required language skills to succeed in any Chinese language environment. Our every course is comprehensively designed in a manner that students will easily learn to write Chinese, read Chinese, speak Chinese, and understand it properly. We also focus on providing our students familiar with Chinese cultural and helping them in understanding the language. BICC Chinese language courses facilitate a multiple and ample teaching materials and techniques, which focused on:

Chinese Speaking Classes – BICC Chinese speaking classes primarily focus on right pronunciation and correct writing technique. Our classes are perfectly designed to improve speaking, writing and listening skills so that our students feel comfortable in using Chinese grammar, sentences and vocabulary in real and day-to-day personal and business life. Though BICC focused much on speaking, our students will also practice their listening, reading and writing skills with the help of our offline and on-line teaching approach. Textbooks are used as a guide and teachers will often employ many other educational techniques to improve speaking, writing and listening ability.

Chinese Learning Class - These classes focus on learning new grammatical structures and vocabulary. In comprehensive Chinese learning classes students use textbooks and materials, CDs, DVDs, videos and other resources during their classroom sessions. BICC faculties work all the time to ensure that each student should develop a strong understanding of how to use new Chinese grammar structures and vocabulary words. After every chapter completion, each student will be able to implement the new skills learnt at BICC into their general life.

BICC (Beijing International Chinese Courses) OFFERS:

  • Language & Culture Programs
  • Summer Camp Program
  • Internship Program
  • Business Programs
  • Corporate Programs
  • Online Chinese Programs
  • Personalized Programs
  • Full Program Plus                        
  • Live and Study Programs
  • Educational Tours Programs
  • Flexible Language Programs

BICC is one of the best schools in Beijing and has facilities like over 30 classrooms, international dorms, library, tennis courts, football field, gymnasium, snacks room and many more. Our cost for the language is very reasonable and affordable.

BICC (Beijing International Chinese Courses) is a private institution that teaches Chinese language to all communities with different cultures and ages, who are willing to study mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China. Our two well equipped campuses, one in Sanlitun (Business district of Beijing) and the other one in Da tun Lu (University district) are providing world class Chinese languages in Beijing. Our expert, experienced, friendly English speaking staffs are ready to answer all your questions on phone or by e-mail to cater all your enquiries relating to the Chinese language.

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