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Confidence issues in the bedroom for a long time

by glenbrado

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Men who are not blessed with a large penis have it tough. Not only do they do they go through a lifetime of feeling self-conscious about it, it can really ruin their sex lives. If a woman wants bigger breasts she can have a breast enlargement and if she wants to change the appearance of her vagina, that can also easily be done with labiaplasty. Escorts from North Korea don’t have any of these problems, they have been born lucky enough to have perfect and desirable bodies! It is almost impossible to alter the length and girth of a penis. There have been some crazy and dangerous methods tried to fix this problem, but now researchers from Korea University think they have found a safer and more effective way to enlarge penises. Physicians injected hyaluronic acid filler into the deep soft tissue layers into fifty men’s penises and then broke the filler down with a roller. The result? The penises had an average girth increase of four centimetres which has so far had lasting results. After eighteen months, all men reported the initial girth increase was still apparent. Although there are allegedly no known side effects or health risks, the injections do cause some significant pain. However, some men will definitely prefer having the injections to other methods. Some doctors cut the suspensory ligament in the penis and get their patient to attach a weight to the end of their penis every day for six months! Another type of surgery involves cutting open the penis and implanting radiate cadaver skin around the central shaft. These surgeries are horrifically invasive and have little medical evidence to back up their effectiveness. If surgery isn’t something you feel like exploring, there are other options which are more mentally based than physically. Confidence is key. As many women agree, it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. If you have had confidence issues in the bedroom for a long time, it might be worth learning to be around a beautiful and understanding woman to give you a confidence boost. North Korean escorts make the ideal company for this. They have a very caring nature and are easy to talk to. The more time you spend with a gorgeous woman, the better you become at talking and building up your sex appeal. A North Korean escort can also give you advice on how to use what you’ve got your best ability. One thing is for certain - do not fall for the money making scams of miracle creams and pills that claim to increase penile size. They don’t work so are a complete waste of money.

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