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Career in Engineering

by asif

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Man has been an engineer since time immemorial. One could remark that it is as if the seeds of <a href="">engineering</a> were sown into his very genes as he was being made. But keen observation would convince one that it has always been the very basic desire of man for making life easier to live, which has been at the core of all his endeavors in <a href="">engineering</a>.
From wheels, pulleys and levers, man has come a really long way to the sophisticated cars and tablet PCs that he is into inventing these days. But what is at the core of all his inventions still remains that same undying desire to make his life easier, more comfortable and fun to live. The word undying is not  just used figuratively here, rather it implies that even a thousand or a million years down the line, man would still desire to make his life better. But the problem is that it is not everyone’s cup of tea to think out of the box, come up with new ideas and then implement them, which is exactly where the role of an engineer becomes so vital in the society. And the undying desire for betterment which has been talked about earlier ensures that the possibilities in this profession stay alive till eternity.
<a href="">Engineering</a> shares a symbiotic relationship with science. While science is all about understanding the nature, engineering deals with the application of the same science. Engineering is about creating things which are not readily available in nature using the resources available in the nature. So it is imperative that an engineer has sound knowledge in science, which is why study of science and mathematics is an integral part of every engineering degree.
When the study of engineering was formalized, there were just two major branches of engineering- Civil and mechanical. With the advent of electricity, electrical engineering was born and later on with advances in semiconductor technology, the branch of electronics also emerged.  Electronics engineering brought with it an entire array of advancement in practically every field of engineering. Today we have scores of branches in <a href="">engineering</a> and thousands of colleges offering these courses all over the world.
Aeronautical engineering, automobile engineering, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, biotechnology engineering, chemical engineering, design engineering and software engineering are some of the courses which have lately been added to the repertoire of engineering courses already being taught by various universities across the world.
 As it is very plain from the list of courses offered, one is spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing the discipline of engineering one would like to go for. Ideally an artistic, creative person who likes to build things would make a good civil engineer and somebody who understands and appreciates the governing laws of physics and is generally good with machines would make a good mechanical engineer. It is also considered that it takes a highly logical brain to be a competent software, computer or electronics engineer as these branches deal with the tough job of making devices function the way they are supposed to. This process called programming involves a lot of brain-storming and is evidently not everybody’s calling.
India has seen a lot of development in the field of technical education ever since it has turned a republic  and now houses some of the best <a href=""> engineering</a> colleges in the world. The government-run Indian Institute of Technologies (7 of them already existing and 9 more on the verge of existence) and the National institute of technologies are the temples of technical education in the country. Apart from these, many private universities have also sprouted up over the years and are giving very tight competitions to the IITs and NITs. So the scene of technical education in the country is extremely bright and also gives a lot of hope and promise.
But sadly, it is seen that of the thousands of <a href="">engineering</a> graduates who graduate every year from the various universities in the country, only very few are fortunate enough to get a career that actually allows him/her to think independently , contemplate and  then put his plans into action. The others end up doing mindless desk jobs which do not give them any sort of mental exercises, the monthly pay check being the only plus in their jobs. This sad state of things have got more to do with the choices taken by the students, both the choice of colleges as well as the courses opted for.
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