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Men prefer brunettes for stability and intelligence

by Brunosammartino

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If you are looking for a stable, independent woman, who is also very intelligent, then studies show that you are in the market for a dark haired girl. 62 per cent of men found that the dark haired beauties are not only intensely attractive, but that they had attributes that their fair haired or even red haired sisters lacked. To add to the allure these women were also described as mysterious, capable, sexy, exotic and well put together. It seems that by looking at the results of this study that blondes may indeed have more fun, but it is the brunette that men hold sexy. And for good reason. Dark hair is slightly thicker than fair hair, and a women’s health in times of yore was judged by how healthy her hair was. Dark hair has the tendency, when it is healthy and looked after correctly, to shine with such intensity that artists and poets have remarked over this, Leonardo Da Vinci’s great painting the Mona Lisa was a brunette, and Lord Tennyson’s the Lady of Shallot was also a brunette. The problem is where do you find such an attractive, intelligent and beautiful woman to date in the city? Easy answer – cheap brunette escorts.
London has long been the place to find whatever it is you are looking for, and hot women with brains are no exception. You can of course work with many gorgeous women and try your hand at wooing them over the water cooler on you breaks, or, if you really want a fantasy and your needs to be met right now then you can engage in a little flirtation and sexual release with cheap brunette escorts. These girls are hot, sexy, fun and friendly, as well as incredibly high class. When you have one of these girls on your arm it is a waste to spend all your time locked in your bedroom, you will want to come up for air sooner or later, and when you do you can visit your favourite restaurant, and show her off. These are women who turn heads, and it in turn will reflect back to you. Nothing spells success more than a man with a gorgeous girlfriend, and that will be you tonight!
All you have to do to find the perfect specimen of intelligence, wit, charm and good looks, is perform a quick internet search for cheap brunette escorts. You will be met with Angelina Jolie look a likes, girls who look like Audrey Hepburn, Megan Fox, Aishwarya Rai, the list goes on! Find a girl that you really love the look of, arrange to spend time with her, and then hone up on your manners and conversational skills. You have to woo this girl with more than just charm!


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