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Windsor is predominately known for the castle and tradition

by Jackdavis

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The affluent and suburban town of Windsor resides along the River Thames, approximately 45 minutes from the city of London. The area is most famously known for being the location of Windsor Castle, one of the official residences for the Royal Family. The castle itself attracts almost one million visitors per year. The medieval, architecturally grand 19th century castle is lavish, opulent, as you would expect from a Royal residency. Situated at the top of a steep hill, the castle’s grounds, although a large and dominant presence, are lacking in greenery and gardens. However, it does back on to an extensive parkland and The Long Walk lined with trees stretches for 3 miles and follows the official entrance to the castle. With its history and heritage dating back to the 11th century, the castle holds a lot of information of past historical events. Many visitors, with a fascination for English heritage are fascinated to witness the location of a place that has a narrative dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. Once the home to many famous names such as William the Conqueror, Henry 11 and Edward 111. Encapsulating 900 years of British history, Windsor Castle is a popular destinations for tourists worldwide. Depending on which months you visit the castle, you can see different parts. Limited to only viewing certain areas, with parts of the castle restricted due to the age of the building. During August and September you can explore the East Terrace, overlooking the rose garden created in the 1820s for George IV. Here you and an escort in Windsor can overlook the views from the East of the castle, a view that is not usually visible. October through to March, the private apartments of George IV’s can be visited. The opulent decor of the interiors will blow you away, taking in the grandeur of the Semi-State rooms. Windsor Castle is one of the most magnificent examples of British architecture with it’s Gothic and powerful impression. Although Windsor is predominately known for the castle, there is a lot more to this traditional location. Explore the cobbled streets, with a mix of plenty of contemporary and old-fashioned shops. Visit an old sweetie shop and treat you and a Windsor escort to half a pound of boiled sweets; liquorice, humbug and lemon sherbets. Go for a walk along the river bank, taking in the pretty sights of the house boats and long distant views of the castle. Nearby, visit Windsors green where you will find the Royal Windsor Wheel, a recent addition to attract more tourism to the area. Similar to London’s wheel, you can climb aboard with a Windsor escort and take in the breath taking views of the vast landscapes and the splendour and size of the castle. After a day’s exploring, it’s encouraged that you stop for an afternoon tea in one of the traditional tea rooms. There is something quite quaint about ordering a pot of tea and a cream scone in the traditional and seemingly patriotic location of Windsor.

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