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Clinton said the danger of global terrorism remains

by Jenniferknox

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Warn global counter-terrorism Forum on the 7th U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was held in Istanbul, said despite the global fight against terrorism has made progress, but the terrorist danger remains.

Hillary Clinton said in the opening ceremony of the Forum, in the fight against terrorism in the past 10 years, 120 000 suspected terrorists were arrested, of which 3.5 million people have been brought to justice.
She said that the "base" organizations have been hit hard after the death of bin Laden, but still ongoing terrorist activities, and the range of activities spread to more areas, the terrorists are mainly distributed in Mali, Somalia and Yemen. She stressed: "We always attack us and threaten our al-Qaida to maintain power to the use of force."

Turkish up to Davutoglu said that terrorism in the global flood, not religious and national boundaries, no country can be spared, so international cooperation to combat terrorism is essential.

The global anti-terrorism forum for two days, co-chaired by Hillary Clinton and Davutoglu. In addition to the United States and Turkey, China, Canada, India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Nigeria and Japan and other countries were also represented at the meeting.

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