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How To Act Smart While Purchasing International Phone Cards?

by liyo89

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While you are looking for international phone cards, you will come across two kinds of phone cards that more or less work on the same principle. There are physical as well as virtual cards. The former are the ones that you often find in departmental in convenience stores while the latter can be purchased online over the Internet. For virtual cards, you will receive the dial-in number as well as the PIN code via e-mail.



Which Phone Card To Choose?


Now the question that may pop-up in your mind would be regarding which one to choose that can be more beneficial for you. Many people often choose prepaid international phone cards because they find it easier to purchase them online rather than visiting a store to get a physical phone card.



Consider the Fine Prints of Individual Phone Cards


However, while making the choice, the foremost thing to consider is the fine print. For instance, when you search for a phone through any online vendor’s website, you will come across a wide range of phone cards with different specifications. If you want to make calls to Australia and you type in “phone cards Australia”, you will get numerous choices but one of them will appear to be the most attractive choice with the lowest calling rates per minute.

It is only when you go through the fine print of that phone card you may find out that the card you thought was the best option to make calls to Australia will actually round each call by increments of four minutes. This means that the card is a good option only if you make calls for not more than three minutes and fifty-nine seconds. The moment your call time goes even a second beyond, you will be charged not only for four minutes but, in fact, eight minutes.

This is the reason as to why you should always look for the fine print before you select an international phone card for Australia or for any other country. When you search phone cards for Australia you should go for those that offer 1 minute or 1 second increments. They will surely help you save a fortune.



Consider Whether You Will Be Making Calls on Cell Phones or Land Lines


Thus, no matter you car purchasing a physical or a virtual international phone card, you just have to be vigilant with the fine prints. Apart from this, another factor that you should consider while choosing a phone card for Australia is whether you will be making calls on the cell phone or land line number. Usually, the calling rates to make calls on the cell phones are higher than those with land lines. So you should search your phone card accordingly.


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