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Single Page Applications using ASP.NET

by anonymous

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<p align="justify">Single Page Application is architecture for web applications. It combines the best of web and desktop, built with HTML5 and JavaScript. Single Page

Applications are rich and responsive. You do not need any browser plug-ins needs to install for this architecture, it is a standard web technology that is going to work on any device, Operating system and browser. You can develop Single Page Applications using <a href="">ASP.NET</a> MVC\Web Forms technologies.<br>


1. Great user experience – It means speed, when it comes to changing of display of user interface and navigate around, we want an instance response from the application which you can get from this architecture.<br>

2. Run on any device

3. Working off-line – It is an interesting benefit which is just becoming possible now.<br><br>

4. App-store deployable - It is bit advanced programming but you can deploy your applications to windows market place or Apple app-store etc. This is now possible withPhone-gapthird party tool for developing apps for mobiles.<br>

The Architecture diagram looks as below

Typical Web architecture contains a server and client, where server contains an endpoint to server HTML/CSS and JS. The client side this being rendered as Visible UI and contains some JavaScript as well that is web technology.<br>

 What is different in Single Page Applications?

 With single page web applications, you also tend to have an data end points on server and it is going to return JSON\XML to your application, You can use this data on client data access layer and render that data to UI.<br>


For more information about <a href="">ASP.NET</a> Please visit <a href=""></a>

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