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Pearl Necklaces for Your Wedding Occasions

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Pearls have been worn for thousands of years and many civilizations have recognized the beauty they hold but over the last hundred year or so, as the resource for naturally made pearls has dwindled, scientists have perfected the nucleation and formation of cultured pearls, offering a variety of pearls that did not exist many years ago. One of the most influential people in doing this was Miki Moto, a scientist from Japan. He has led the way to acing the art of farming pearls and many people have since come up with new shapes and types of pearl, that keep pearls desirable. The most common type of cultured pearl is the freshwater pearl.

This pearl jewelry is the easiest to grow, takes the least amount of time and can be mass produced, where as many other types can only have one pearl grown per oyster. Despite this fact, these pearls do not lose any quality or are not de-valued in any way. Freshwater pearls have been around forever and are loved because of the natural pink, peach, white and lavender colors they come in. Freshwater pearls are also very lustrous and give of a sheen that is out of this world. Luster refers to the way light reflects off the pearls surface; the higher the luster the higher the quality of pearl. Freshwater pearls make beautiful strand necklaces and offer a sophisticated look to the wearer. At Aloha Pearls, one of our most prized necklaces is our white Freshwater pearls paired with Jade beads and separated using yellow or white gold spacers with studded crystal. This pieces offers a traditional look because it has the white pearls, but also a modern look because it is such an original piece. Another type of pearl is Akoya pearls, these pearls are small, perfectly round and also make amazing necklaces.

Many young women prefer AKoya pearls because they can achieve the look of pearls without wearing large pearls which they feel can be overpowering. Akoya pearls are nucleated using a perfectly round bead, which then creates a pearl flawless in shape. Though these pearls naturally come in white, they are often died to dark colors like black and purple, occasionally even an emerald green color. The technology of growing pearls is so advanced now, that it is easy to enhance or change the color of pearls. Usually this is done by using heat or pressure but also once a hole is drilled in the pearl, dye can be added to the inside of the pearl, ensuring that the pearl will never change color or fade. This fact also makes pearls the top choice when it comes to gemstones because they come in so many different colors. Another type of pearl is the Tahitian pearl.

Tahitian pearls are known as being black pearls but are actually colors ranging from silver, turquoise, purple, rose, peacock, to blue and many shades in between. Tahitian pearls are known for their large sizes beginning at 6mm and growing to 20mm and sometimes larger. Tahitian pearls were originally grown in French Polynesia, but now as their popularity has extended out of the Pacific Islands have become loved throughout the world. Tahitian pearls make contemporary necklaces and pendants. These pearls look great on any type of precious metal and their beauty is enhanced when they are placed with diamonds and other gemstones. South Sea pearls are the highest quality of pearl and make stunning cultured pearl strands. One of the most recent designs in Tahitian pearls is the Keshi pearl. These pearls are usually made into choker style necklaces but are unique because they come in small irregular shapes for the type of pearl. Women who appreciate distinct pieces love these and feel they complement their individual style.

The soft golden glow of South Sea strands is a definite attention getter. South Sea pearls also come in creamy white and silver or varying shades of these colors and are highly sought after because they are regarded as the highest quality of pearl in the world and are only grown in several parts of the world. At Aloha Pearls, we have the finest cultured pearl necklaces in all of Hawaii. We pride ourselves in carrying creative pieces that you cannot find just anywhere. For more information about pearls and an easy shopping experience, login to and find the perfect necklace that speaks to you and your personality.

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