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Remedial massage: Speeds Up Recovery

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When you suffer from any kind of muscle or ligament damage or impairment, or face some problems such as immobile or knotted muscles, you often tend to visit the doctor for medication. However these are issues which can be cured without the need for pills or potions through the use of correctly applied remedial massage. This tactile therapy is a most excellent and effective remedy for all manner of related conditions such as for healing internal injury, muscle or ligament issue. It also offers unparalleled relaxation.

This relaxing therapy treats our body holistically and traces the discomfort and pain right down to its original cause. In this way, remedial massage therapy can treat as well as cure both the cause of physical disorder and also its symptoms. Remedial massage can be strong or gentle, or it can be deep or shallow according to the requirement of treatment.

If your calling is to avail healing therapies to those suffering from physical disorders or your desire is to help people to have soothing experience in order to get rid of mental fatigue, remedial massage therapist is the profession for you. Careers in remedial massage therapist are really taking off and the future is rosy for all such professionals who enter the field at this point in time.


The Diploma of Remedial Massage offered by the Paramount College in Western Australia opens up a number of avenues to practise as a remedial massage therapist.


Pursuing such a Diploma of Remedial Massage within Paramount College will educate you in a variety of different massage therapies some of which include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and others alike.


  • Swedish massage uses five styles of strokes to do massage. It helps in getting rid of joint stiffness, reducing pain. It also proves helpful in gaining proper blood circulation.

  • Deep tissue massage offers relief from severe muscle pain, tension in muscles and connective tissue ailments. Individuals suffering from consistent pain or with sustained physical injury are treated with deep tissue therapy. This massage technique removes damaged cells, blockages, scar tissue and adhesions remains after injury, and encourages complete process of healing.

  • Reflexology is also known as Zone therapy, where the patient is treated by applying pressure to various zones of feet, hands or ears using some specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques using oil or lotion. It is a form of alternative medicine.

  • Aromatherapy also, is a form of alternative medicine which offers relaxation using volatile plant materials such as essential oils, aromatic compounds.


Remedial massage therapy accelerates the recovery process creating the conditions favourable for the body to return to normal health condition after sustaining injury. It offers excellent treatments for most any kind of injury, broken bones, strains, bruising and skin conditions..


The Paramount College Diploma of Remedial Massage makes your to becoming a remedial massage therapist easy and fuss free. This will make you heal injuries and remove pains performing Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and employing various therapeutic remedial massage techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique. Other modalities like Aromatherapy or Reflexology can also be deployed to excellent effect.

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