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Colored Diamonds – Unbeatable and Unmatched Value to the Inv

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Looking forward to invest in colored diamonds? All that the individuals require is comprehensive knowledge of purchasing and selling the gemstones, wholesale prices of diamonds and professional laboratory certification.  But it should be remembered that not all the diamonds are created equally. Ascertaining if the diamond is natural, irradiated, enhanced or altered it is very complex when compared to ascertaining the value of the diamond. The naturally fancy tinted diamonds are very precious gemstones on Earth as ascertained on a value per carat basis. Extraordinary tinted diamonds have no fixed price and their factual worth is known only when they are put at auction.

Investing in rare tinted diamonds like blue, pink, yellow and green diamond requires the individual to take a thoughtful decision since it is a long term investment. Natural tinted diamonds must be cautiously compared for carat, color, cut, weight and clarity. Gaining an appropriate price for a rare tinted diamond might rely on the speedy decision making. Usually the collectors of rare diamonds operate in concert with the extensive traders or they deal directly.

Few facts about the tinted diamonds:

  • The colored diamonds undergo the same process of formation like the clear diamonds. However for a clear diamond to be converted into tinted one, it will require additional elements to be present during the process of formation.
  • Tinted diamonds are very rare and the conditions which are required to create them are also scarce.
  • Tinted diamonds have gained much popularity which is based on the rarity and sparkling array of the available colors.


How to invest in tinted diamonds for profits:

You need three main things before you decide to invest in tinted diamonds. These are financial advisor, investment capital and fine gemstone consultant. Follow the below mentioned steps for cautious investment:

  1. Before committing capital, gather as much information as you can for your knowledge. If you have obtained a graduate gemologist credential, it will augment and complement the decision of investment.
  2. While committing to invest in diamonds, ascertain available capital and then think about hiring a gemstone consultant.
  3. One should trade and invest in rare tinted diamonds only when he has access to the diamond market.
  4. You can obtain the rare diamonds from the owners who are looking for liquidity. Such opportunities are in abundance with the individual if he owns a pawn shop or offers jewelry loan. Here he can buy the rare tinted diamonds at value which is much less than the retail value.
  5. It is significant to ascertain the increasing figure of gem-quality synthetic tinted diamonds in the market.


Many times the colored diamonds like pink, yellow, blue and green diamond are enhanced or alerted to improve their colors by coating paints or films or through many other processes. It is here when you should be capable enough to detect the alterations and this ability can be obtained through experience, education and last but not the least certification.

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