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What does HTML5 mean for mobile marketing?

by anonymous

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HTML5 is the latest version of the easy-to-understand computer language that enables the user to place content online and is a generic term for the three most popular web languages- CSS, Javascript and HTML itself. Hailed as the technology leader in many smartphones, its popularity is growing. But what does HYML5 mean for mobile marketing?


HTML5 is enabling rich-media standards, which in turn makes it easier for advertisers to engage with consumers. It’s as simple as that but with potentially amazing results. Some say that HTML5 will do for mobile what Flash did for online and thus will help advertisers and brands achieve much more innovative, creative and compelling advertising displays to mobile devices. With such a large number of consumers now using smartphones, companies need to adapt their advertising for them and HTML5 will help them to do just that enabling “immersive advertising experiences”.


The diversity of advertising to mobile is now immense and more and more of the major players are becoming involved. Take Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks who did just that to promote the movie Shrek Forever After. They took their mobile marketing campaign way beyond just static banner ads and created a fun, interactive ad campaign to mobiles - targeting their potential movie-going audience in the run up to the film’s opening weekend. As a result, ticket sales received a great boost.


The potential of HTML5 is very big indeed and heavily in its favor is that it works across multiple devices so there is no need to develop specific platforms for it and that has to be a huge bonus. This language of the web promises a whole new world of what is possible in mobile advertising and that is very exciting indeed. Accordingly, advertisers are now regularly demanding HTML5-based-rich-media ad units and it is having a significant effect on mobile advertising as a whole.


In mobile marketing, as advertising becomes yet more creative and more engaging to users, so its success increases. In addition to its effects upon mobile advertising, HTML5 is having a positive impact on mobile commerce as well. Mobile really is the place to do your marketing and advertising now and if you haven’t yet considered mobile marketing to achieve the results you seek, now is the time to take a closer look.




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