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Sparkling clean Amber Jewelry –

by trinketbox

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Today it isn’t too hard to come across amber jewelry as this is sure to be a great gift for yourself and others. Since it is suppose to be a relatively inexpensive gem, you can afford to collect it. However, know that Amber Jewelry is actually a very beautiful gem, which is actually pretty delicate. The unique composition and the amazing delicacy make this gem a rare one that needs to be taken care of properly. As many might think, amber is not a stone it is hardened resin that has become the gem after millions of years. However, it is still fragile, which means that you need to take good care of it.

Tips to maintain your favorite jewelry –

1.         Take care never to soak your Amber Jewelry in any harsh cleaning chemicals. This will cause them to crack damage or even become lifeless and brittle. The best way to clean them is to soak them in warm water, and then you can always wipe them away with a soft cloth and leave them to dry. Once dry you can store them away separately, either in a small pouch, or wrapped in cotton, or in a separate jewel box.

2.         Usually Amber Jewelry comes set in gold, silver, or platinum. These are the most popular setting metals for the gem, make sure you clean the metal too accordingly and then you can always ensure that you have a clean piece of jewelry.

3.         Make sure your jewel is never in contact with any sort of chemicals – perfumes, hair sprays, etc, are a big no! You should never wear your Amber Jewelry in daily use as there are chances that while you cook, clean or work, etc, your gem might break, damage, crack, etc. However, the good news is they can be repaired, but make sure that you don’t do anything to damage them often.

These are the main steps to maintain your jewelry, however ensure that you keep them away from extreme temperatures of any sorts. Either too much heat or too much cold can actually end up damaging your gem. If it is set in a good metal you can be sure that your Amber Jewelry is going to last you a long time. Ensure that you safeguard your jewel with a lot of care

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