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Fabulous Belize Resorts for sale

by BenjaminMoore

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Buying a resort is a fantastic investment idea. If you are looking for a fabulous resort on sale you may want to consider one from among those available in the not-so-discovered enchanting land of Belize. There are stunning resorts for sale here and which are located on fine spots that give the best of both worlds i.e. beaches and tropical forests.

It is truly quite difficult to do better for a resort location than you can in Belize. These are eco sensitive resorts in which all efforts possible have been implemented to preserve this paradise that Mother Nature has gifted us. The resorts combine the pleasantness of fine golden sands and pristine azure Caribbean waters on one side, and on the other, lush green tropical forests which are home to elusive jaguars.

The resorts you will find in this exotic and secluded corner of the world capture the rich cultures of the Mayan people who are indigenous to this area. Imagine owning a resort replete with Mayan architecture log cabanas featuring thatched roofs and wooden floors, in peaceful surroundings which are only disrupted by the rolling waves gliding over a long stretch of golden sandy beach, the chirping of birds, and the wind gently breezing past the palms and coconut trees. Here you can find resorts for sale which are wonderfully and strategically located between the seashore and the tropical forest jungle. There are plenty of attractions for the resorts’ guests including the deep forest wildlife habitat Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve. There is also the 180 miles long barrier reef which is ideal for snorkeling and diving. Such resorts definitely have the potential to bring in great ROI; Belize is all set to become a top tourist destination in the not so distant future and therefore owning a resort here is certainly a fantastic way of cashing in on all the tourism activities.

A resort in a strategic location is a goldmine in its own right and accordingly it won’t come cheap. Your realtor or valuator will also tell you that the best resorts for sale are the ones which are fully fitted with all the modern luxury amenities required to pamper the guests who are taking a break away from the city life.

There are certain minimums you should look for in investment-worthy resorts for sale and these include: the resort should be easily accessible by road or even better have an airstrip; availability of boats and adequate equipment to support scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking among other water activities; a good record of season-in season-out occupancy - this is made certain by the resort having fantastic accommodation facilities, pleasant guest service, and excellent cuisines; adequate staff numbers and accommodations provided onsite; and facilities such as refrigerated rooms, climate-controlled buildings, workshops, warehouses and sheds all of which are compulsory for remote or secluded resorts. It is worth noting that some tourists love secluded resorts and especially those with private beaches.

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