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Demographics: How Your Job Affects Your Car Insurance

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When shopping for auto insurance quotes in San Jose, there are several contributing factors to consider that will affect your premiums. Such factors include age, gender, marital status, driving history, type of vehicle, credit rating, and safety features of the car. Other factors that will affect your auto insurance quotes include the age of the vehicle, grades of the driver (if in school) and, finally, the driver’s occupation.


The fact that occupation has any influence on auto insurance quotes often comes as a surprise to people. How could your job affect your car insurance? Individuals who work high-stress jobs (think lawyers, judges, and business executives) tend to have the highest auto insurance premiums while those with relatively low-key, low-stress jobs (scientists, actors, pilots) have the lowest premiums.


So, stressful jobs cause your insurance to rise, but why? Evidently there is a correlation between individuals who work high-stress jobs and the amount of time spent in vehicles. They also are more likely to engage in distracted behavior and drive erratically than people who are not working high-stress jobs. For example, business executives spend more time multitasking in the car; talking on their cell phones or eating, all of which leads to more accidents on the road.


There is some degree of stereotype associated with this distinction. Scientists or computer programmers are not only less stressed about their jobs but are also viewed as having less aggressive personality types. Scientists and programmers might be viewed as meticulous or antisocial. This supposedly translates to more responsible and careful driving habits on the road, so auto insurance quotes will reflect the decreased risk.


Receiving discounted insurance based on demographic data is not a new thing. Insurance companies have traditionally granted discounts to senior citizens or members of other special groups, such as the military. The variables that car insurance companies use to determine your insurance premiums are quite consistent across the industry. However, rates still vary.


Why is that? In a nutshell, rates vary because although carriers all rely on the same statistics to calculate premiums, each carrier weighs them differently. This means that while age may weigh more heavily than gender for one insurance company, gender may weigh more heavily than age for another. Finally, your occupation may factor heavily with one insurance company and not quite so heavily with another. Be accurate when seeking auto insurance quotes in San Jose. Things that may not seem important or flattering to you may end up saving you money.


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