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Digital Photo Printing Made Easy

by Editor123

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Canvas printing
of giclee prints is one of the finest innovations in the art world in
the recent past. The technology of digital photo printing has truly
gone places due to some of the most remarkable changes that have
occurred during the last decade. These days one can get better results
due to some of the best substrates that are coated with a varnish that
is scratch-proof and UV resistant. The archival and color quality has
also improved phenomenally. A few discerning service providers use
canvas supplied by US companies and this is decidedly a positive factor
in quality control, archival properties and improved color issues
though the American canvas is costlier.


The canvas printing of giclee does pose a challenge in color
rendition. It must be appreciated that there is a substantial
difference between the method of ink to substrate binding and
reactivity. The resin coated photo papers give you more freedom with
the designing of layers and compounds. However, in the case of the
canvas substrates made for giclee printing, the coatings need to be
prepared such that these can be placed on a canvas fabric that is after
all a natural medium. Despite such issues there is a considerable
interest in digital photo printing on canvas from individual customers
and large resorts, corporate offices and hotel chains. This factor is
driving a sustained and continuous progress in the field of canvas
giclee printing.


Giclee canvas printing has a large following of loyal artists and
photographers. These can profit substantially from the sale of high
quality prints to interested buyers. The giclee print on canvas is very
archival. It can be hung bare on the wall without the need of a glass
envelope. Artists need not spend too much time and all they need to do
is paint over canvas prints thereby creating masterpieces.


Digital photo printing
is all set to expand even further since it’s not just the collectors
that are showing interest any more. The average homeowner that needs to
bring some novelty to his/her walls may not be interested in copies and
therefore finds canvas prints as an alternative that is reasonably
priced as well as aesthetic. Giclee prints on canvas are durable too
and are very close to an original in appearance. These factors help
people in enjoying and appreciating art the way it was meant to be.
Printing of giclee on canvas is now very profitable. There are diverse
options in respect of substrates and canvas materials that are
available. Truly, digital photo printing on canvas is a market that can
only go up.


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